Iron Design

Driveway & pedestrian gates, internal & external balustrades, indoor & outdoor furniture 

New Zealand Manufactured Iron Products

At Iron Design we pride ourselves on producing high quality wrought iron goods.
These include but are not limited to:  
Driveway & pedestrian gates, balustrades & fencing, indoor & outdoor furniture as well as chandeliers & accessories.
If desired, these products can also incorporate native New Zealand timbers. 


We manufacture for both commercial and residential properties, we custom make products to suit your needs.


The craftsmanship of our beautifully hand wrought pieces highlights the superiority of our work when compared that of imported wrought iron products. New Zealand made for New Zealand conditions. Our external balustrades, fences and furniture are galvanized and powdercoated to prevent rusting. When designing for coastal buildings, we recommend galvanizing plus a 2 pot epoxy marine paint to deal with the harsh effects of salt spray.
We pride ourselves on attention to detail.




Upper North Island Service

Flexibility designed to suit you.

Iron Design also offers our service to Auckland, Waikato and the wider Bay of Plenty. Our  Out -Of Town days are scheduled as required  and are by arrangement.